Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sex in the City and Jimmy Choo

I have a serious block and can't seem to focus on anything today. I entertained myself with face book, various games and watching Sex and the City. Watching Sex and the City made me think about my relationships.  I started watching Sex and the City a few years ago; I love the girls with their New Yorkian ways. Their outfits are glorious and they dress to kill everywhere they go, even when they dress "down" it seems that it has the element of sophistication.  I never even knew who Jimmy Choo was or that his shoes could easily cost $400 or more a pair, until I watch Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda walking down the street with his four inch heels on. 

Sex and the City opened my eyes to fashion and relationships. Four different women who are friends with each other, supporting each other, and even when they disagree with each other they still come together for breakfast or a night on the town. They are so different from the female relationships that I have had. Is that even possible to have four very different women who remain friends without the pettiness that comes with being a woman. I have known women that are jealous and resentful; they complain that another woman has it too good or is selfish just because this woman had the fore sight to make different decisions. I resent their negativity, but isn't there a saying if you hate something in someone else then you hate that same characteristic in yourself?

For the most part I try suffocate that part of my being. I see a woman who made great decisions and is where I would love to be and sometimes I am resentful. But I have no idea the price that she paid, because I know that everything comes with a price. I don't know this woman's life. Is she a trophy wife that has to look a certain way or be condemned? Does she have no say in her life? Maybe her husband is abusive? Maybe she trying to be the perfect wife and mother, that is afraid to really tell the truth that she is not perfect. I have figured that people act like things are perfect when they know that they are not. How many people surprise you with their true feelings and you thought their life was perfect. Pictures lie, face book lies, people lie to each other and themselves. 

So is it really true that four different woman can come together and accept and support each other without jealousy? Pretty much going against our natural inclination of just that. I think it would be hard. I also know that is why the City did so well, because in every woman's heart there is a need to be connected with other women. So is it possible for a TV show to open a person's eyes to the world or is it just another way to market the elusive female relationship and Jimmy Choo shoes?

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